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Clean Google Contacts without a Phone number

  • Recently I wanted to clean my Google Contacts who don’t have a phone because I had like 15 000 Contacts with only an e-mail
  • It actually was not so intuitive, here is my process
  • On your PC
    • Open Google Contacts and Export all your contacts into a .cvs file
    • Import this file in Google Sheets
    • Make a copy and backup of the file
    • Create a filter and delete all rows which don’t have a phone
    • Export this as .csv
  • On your phone
    • Open the Google Contacts App
    • Select all contacts
    • Delete all contacts
    • Keep your Wi-fi on for syncing
  • On your PC
    • You need to wait an hour or 2 for the contacts to sync back
    • Import the exported .csv file with only contacts with phones
  • On your phone
    • Sync your contacts again
    • DONE