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Meaning foundation

I notice that every 3-4 years I get a desire for a report that is a little strange and I call it “Meaningful report”.

The idea is that I think about what to do with my time and how to live in general.

Behind all the work, however, there is more or less the same structure. Contrary to what society says, the currency of life is not Money and Things.

The currency we spend is Time, and the things we should actually aim to get are Experiences.

And so the foundation makes us all equal. Envy disappears because everyone is equally rich and stress disappears because everyone receives an equal salary (1 day time every day).

Respect and admiration is generated for everyone, because every experience is unique and interesting. Meaningful connections are made.

The goal, after all, is simply to use the salary (time) to achieve what you want most.

And planning is already based on desires, vision and mission, which is a much more stable basis for motivation and meaning than a higher salary / profit, and is achieved thousands of times easier.

Money is a medium of exchange and it would be foolish to be an end in itself.

When the currency is Time and the goal is Experiences:

  • To have an apartment becomes -> To make a home
  • To be a businessman -> To solve a problem
  • To have money is possible -> To be able to choose how to spend my time
  • To travel -> To experience another culture
  • To have a girlfriend -> To make a family

So, the vision for the future generates motivation, and the path, not the ultimate goal, is special.


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