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Stoyan Borisov to Gary about Iris

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Публикувахте от Gary Vaynerchuk в Сряда, 5 август 2015 г.

Stoyan Borisov Hello Gary Vaynerchuk,

Today I want to share a story with you, and not just any story, but one which implements most of what you preach.

So as you always say Context is Queen and she runs the house. Here’s the context – A man called Daniel back when he was 19 he realized that his passion is eye protection in the modern world. He dropped out of school and broke almost every relationship he had with parents, friends just to pursue this passion and create the ultimate eye protection software which should be installed on every single device in the world which has a display. In short he goes on a mission to make eye protection sexy and appealing in a world where we have our eyes stuck to a display more than we sleep. Now 21 and after years of struggling he finally gets some traction. The software works and it slowly becomes better and well adopted by the users he acquired from pure hustling. Not only he’s self-thought programmer, but during these 3 years he manage to learn another language – English, so he can expose his should-be-on-every-device eye protecting software to broader audience.

And here’s how this is all connected to the words you’ve written in this picture… From the beginning of his journey he continuously reaches out to journalists and media to tell the world about his creation, and eventually he is picked by a mid-size TV channel in Bulgaria for an interview for the next day. As you know TVs want to present exclusive content, or at least to present the content in the same day as competitors. Now comes the great test for our guy – a few hours later, he receives a call from the biggest national TV in Bulgaria and they want to do an interview with him TODAY, not tomorrow, not this week, RIGHT NOW. Many others would have jumped over that possibility, however Daniel firmly decides to stay true to the word he gave just hours before and turns down the interview explaining the whole situation to the reporter. Fast forward he did the interview for the mid-sized TV channel, and few other channels later on, but he never appeared on that particular national channel, simply because he stood behind what he promised. And of course he believes that to be the right way to go.

Why I have decided to share this with you and your followers – because people need to be reminded that they need to be honest, and hard-working and focused, and that’s exactly what Daniel Georgiev is. The other reason is I see a lot of pictures of you staring at your bright eye-killing phone in the middle of the night, and I am concerned about your health. Maybe you would want to check out Iris and save your eyes while keep on hustling.
If just one person gets inspired by this story it will be worth it. Thank you Gary for your most valuable asset after your word – your attention! Be healthy and keep on inspiring all of us!