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Why I don’t want to be rich

I have thinking a lot about something lately and I don’t seem to understand it at all.

For me something is really broken in this world and I just want to presend you my point of what means success and what is the measure of it.

Of course there is no need to listen to me since I crearly don’t understand what means to be rich, but think about this:

Does rich means that you will drive expensive car, have expensive suit, house, private jet, yacth and I crearly can’t think about something else.

The truth is that most people who has this don’t have elementary money education, because if money is your measure for success your best bet is to be frugal, save a lot and acummulate assets.

Most of the rich kids, people or grandpas who show of are not rich. Most of the rich athletes are broke several years after retiring. Most people who win the lottery also.

So what is this obsession with money and status and what is this obsession with things and possesions?

You know, I am not some kind of a hippie. I also like to look good and smell good, but this things are relatively cheap.

You only need a shower, some clothes, watch, maybe a perfume, some kind of vehicle and a bed.

If you are not living in Africa you can have all of this for a year. And?

My point is that something is broken. You can have all the things in the world even if you don’t have much.

You can rent a Lambo for couple of hunrded dollars.

If you save for several months you can go to every city and travel the world.

If you want some expensive watch just go and try it in the shop.

Seriously, go and do it now. Do you feel something?

For me the answer is always no and this is why I don’t believe in money.

There was times that money have made me smile, but I have never felt true hapiness, because of money.

I mean, one of the most happiest momment in my life was when I was really hungry for several weeks, I saved some cash and for dinner in Friday I eat steak, french fries and croissant for desert.

Some other momment are connected with achievements, friends and love.

I measure success in smiles. Not mine, but other people smiles. I do and sell things that help other people be more.

And even if I don’t make much money I am happy. Changing the world a little bit is good, doing things you believe in is good.

I also really do like to work. I like to work a lot. It doesn’t matter if it’s programming, selling, marketing, reading or working out.

And when you know this suddenly all crazy decisions in your life make sense.

The risk of losing everything for something you believe in makes sense.

Dropping out of school, leaving high paying job, starting your own businness and bootstraping your way to success is logical.

It’s just a matter of believe system. To be rich is stupid believe. This results is schemes, tricks, lying, stealing other people hard work or money and generally negative things.

Money like anything else are nice to have, but nothing more.

I appreciate honesty, passion, mutual trust and hard work. I belive that pain is needed to achieve more and I believe that you need to always take the long road.

For me to feel something is better than to own something.